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-by Ramona Turlica

A pinch of vintige

A pinch of vintige

I’m listening to the “two fingers” song that ‘not such a popular’ artist made a few years ago and also was his last debut in music. Which I found sad. And unique. And special because that album was his only success ever and I’m honored to listen to it whenever I want on a free app that I haven’t payed a cent. I think that a human’s life isn’t supposed to have plenty of bullshit ‘success’ in it, one album that can open my heart is enough. But society doesn’t think the same, so I’m giving up the thought of changing the world and bring this ‘not so popular artist’ to run my presidential campaign. I drink a sip of coffee and rethink everything.

I like it bitter, because I can feel its taste, the shivers through my tongue, even better it wakes me up (with just 6 calories) . It is pure, without milk or too much water because it is diluting its essence, which I hate not only at coffee but in life.

I love to see the soul naked, without fake faces,dramas  that are just diluting the personality, creating robots instead of dreamers. But dad told me once that you can’t always get what you want, which at that point I found ‘dumb and funny’ because I always had my toys the second I asked for them. But later in life I dicided that having what you want is in 50%  of the cases bad , because almost just the useless wishes are coming true and the one about ‘Saving the world’ , ‘Stop the global warming’ and ‘Become president ‘ are almost never going to happen. So yes, I can’t always get what I want, but it can’t stop me from trying.

So,my dear readers, if you haven’t noticed this is the end of this article. At the beginning I wasn’t sure about the real purpose of having my laptop while eating breakfast ,or even why I started writing. But from music to coffee to people to childhood, I decided (after I drink one more sip of my bitter coffe) that the only way of having a major success(like the success of the “two finger song” or a better exemple: Rihanna ) you have to fight for yourself and in case you don’t become president, you can chill at your maison near the beach. So dream,love and be happy! Conquer the world by being yourself!

Have a nice day and may your coffee be bitter,


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